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Wasatch Photonics VPH transmission gratings deliver high efficiency, low polarization dependence, and uniform performance over broad bandwidths and large clear apertures – all in a robust, field-tested package. We offer multiple patented design technologies, which gives us more flexibility to recommend the best transmission grating for your unique application. Choose from our in-stock gratings, or talk to us about designing a custom grating or grism for your next R&D project. Are you developing a new OEM product? We can optimize a transmission grating to your exact needs. As an experienced volume gratings supplier, we offer quality, performance, and consistency you can count on. Learn the top 10 advantages of VPH gratings.

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Our transmission gratings deliver industry-leading performance for laser pulse compression, astronomy, and hyperspectral imaging. Our patented Dickson gratings and HD transmission gratings provide high efficiency over broad bandwidths. Therefore, they are ideal for demanding applications in optical coherence tomography (OCT), Raman & fluorescence spectroscopy, as well as other high speed, low light level applications. Contact our experts to discuss your needs.

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